May 6, 2024

I know there’s been a silence of update posts, but I have been working behind the scenes. I ran into some problems uploading my older artwork; apparently 2019 was when I was swapping computers. As such, my sketches were scattered across various folders and back-ups. Eventually, I had to just go through my Patreon and save all the sketches that I’d uploaded there. Thankfully, after working on it for two weeks straight, I’ve managed to get all of 2019’s artwork uploaded. Here’s hoping this is the last time that I have to go hunting through my far-too-many back-up folders to find all my artwork. At the very least, I am consolidating everything as I find it into one area.

I’ve desperately needed to do a reorganizing of my various computer folders for way too long. After all, I’ve been carrying over data and back-ups since almost 2003! Over 20 years worth of disorganization! Perhaps once I get everything uploaded to here I’ll focus on getting my computer folders back under control.

In the mean time, I’ve uploaded all artwork from 2019 through 2017. I’ll see you all in the coming weeks with even more archived artwork, until its all uploaded! At which point, I think the website will be fully functional and updated, and I can focus on building new things rather than preserving the old. Until then!

March 19, 2024

It has taken quite awhile, but I’ve finally finished uploading all the pages of M.A.Q. #041. I moved each chapter to their own page since having them all on one page was overloading my computer’s ability to load them. I’ve also started the process of writing a synopsis to give the story some sort of closure after all these years stuck in limbo.

At this point, I’ll more than likely switch back to uploading my old Facebook posts and putting up all the years of artwork that used to be hosted here. But for now, I’ve been sitting here for 6 hours straight, and I could definitely use a break.

March 11, 2024

Crimmeny, been a minute. February, as per usual, was my nightmare month. For being the shortest month, it gets jam packed with events in my professional life. Now that things have calmed down, I was able to set aside some time to work on the website again.

Chapters 11 – 15 of Maq#041 have now been uploaded. Going back through them, I could tell when I was working through a number of mental issues. I can laugh now, but back then I was so upset about memories from my high school days resurfacing. Working on that comic really helped me out. I also noticed my artwork really improved during those chapters.

A few other minor fixes were done here and there, though most of the work I did today was organizing the filing system WordPress uses, so there’s not as much noticeable. However, it helped me out a bunch, and now updates will be smoother and easier going forward.

Until next time!

February 19, 2024

Today was a bit slower with the updates, though that was more due to going through photos of my now deceased pets. I’ve uploaded a bunch of ‘shorts’ to Youtube, as well as added more blog posts from Facebook. The last being Daisy’s final days with us. Hopefully next week I’ll make more progress, but for now, I’m going to go take care of my mental health. I think I’ve earned it.

February 5, 2024

Its been an interesting a productive day today. I managed to get chapters 1 through 10 of MAQ #041 uploaded to the comics page. Going through the old pages definitely opened up a lot of emotions. When I started that comic, I was HEAVILY influenced by the shojo anime and manga of the time period. Looking back through it, I’m almost embarrassed by how goofy the comic could be at times. Chapter 10 is entirely 100% fan service that has not aged well. Even so, I learned so much while making the comic. Even if it is never finished, it was important to me for over 10 years as I kept working on it.

Next week I’ll get the rest of the chapters. At some point, I’m going to sit down and write out where I wanted the rest of the story to go in order to give it a little closure.

January 29, 2024

Pretty significant update today: I’ve gotten quite a bit of the artwork re-uploaded! At least up 2020. Slowly, the gallery there is coming together how I want it. Now that I know how I want it organized it’ll go faster. Considering that I’ve set aside 5 hours a week purely to work on the website, it’ll all get uploaded soon! I really want to have Maq#041 to be uploaded, so I may work on that next week. I know there are a lot of old readers who’ve asked about it.

And that’s it for January! I think we’ve made some good progress here. Lets hope that I can keep it up during February!

January 1, 2024

Well, it took several hours of tinkering, because WordPress is about as stable and well put together as wet tissue paper, but I can now update with my mobile device. This will allow me a little more versatility when managing this place.

I’ve also started my new project of transferring Facebook memories I wish to keep onto this site. I’ve got reminders to check every day that I can, and I’ve set aside some time every week to work on this site. My hope is to get all of Maq #041 uploaded and readable by the end of the month.

Keep checking back! We’re going to be updating way more often nowadays!!

December 11, 2023

Yes, I know! Somehow, after all this time, I’m still here. With the recent issues with various social media sites (ie just about ALL OF THEM), I felt it wasn’t a bad idea to start working on my personal site again. While not the best for mobile use nor the most elegant of sites, it’s mine and isn’t at risk of getting wiped out because some random billionaire gets bored and thinks its funny to destroy the social media site I’ve been using for years to showcase my art,writing, and personal thoughts.

So what’s new? Not too much. I’ve been very, VERY slowly adding a few new blog posts with pictures from my Facebook memories, since I don’t really use Facebook much anymore. However, there’s decades of information there I’d rather not lose, so my hope, for the new year, is to log in every day if 2024 and transfer over whatever images, memories, or blog posts I feel are important to preserve. With luck, if I can keep up with it, I’ll be able to completely close down my Facebook and never use it again. Its gotten so bad lately that I’m actually missing Live Journal and MySpace.

As far as site content, I’m sure long-time visitors of my work have noticed a stunning lack of any artwork. This year, I think I’ve doodled maybe five pieces, and finished NONE. Artwork just isn’t happening anymore, and I’ve made my peace with it. Maybe someday I’ll draw again, but until then, I’m content to just write. As far as writing goes, my series are still going! A Daedra Named Desire is on short-term hiatus while I plan out the final act, and I’ve got a new romantic comedy about the biblical apocalypse gone wrong. Be on the lookout for the first draft getting posted real soon!

November 27, 2022

After a bit of tinkering, I finally got around to fleshing out the F.A.Q. section. Many of those pages I haven’t had since 2012, so they needed some updating. However, there’s at least something up. As for content updates, I finally got around to posting the first chapter of Space Marine to AO3! I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, but I was always hesitant since I wanted to do edits. However, I told myself its better to put something out there and get opinions on it, then edit it, than keep telling myself I’m going to edit it and never putting it out there. My hope is to slowly build a readership for my original work, so that if it ever goes to print, I’ll at least have something! So if you’re interested in reading a romantic-comedy featuring aliens and a post-apocalypse Earth, please give it a look!

My next step is to start updating the art section, since it’s been stagnating lately. Look forward to it!

November 11, 2022

Thank you so much for sticking with me through the long silence. I lost my password for WordPress, and apparently it was sending the recovery email into the abyss, because none of the e-mails that I have been using for almost 20+ years received anything. I believe it’s all been fixed, and I once again have access (hint: if this ever happens to you, go through your C-Panel and find the WordPress Toolkit).

Now that I have control again, expect more updates. Due to the collapse of Twitter and me deciding to finally leave Deviant Art, I’m going to focus on posting all of my old artwork here, along with my now defunct comic. I’ve also updated many of my writing projects with new content, so if you’re not following me on Ao3, you’ll find links to my work here.

There’s not much new right now, but keep checking back! I’ll be updating more frequently now!