March 18, 2024

It’s been an interesting day today. Tomorrow is voting day, and one of my old fosters came over for an overnight stay! Koda (formerly Buddy) is staying with me while his new mom works at the Polls tomorrow. Piper hasn’t had another dog spend the night before, and already its been an adventure. Apparently Piper rolled in mud (or at least I’m lying to myself and saying its mud) and she had to have a bath. I spent most of the day resting and relaxing only to spend the entire evening chasing two very happy dogs around the house!

As such, not much of an update today. But for now, enjoy dog pictures!

March 2, 2024

Having a good day today. Managed to get the day off from work in order to celebrate my grandfather Bob’s 98th birthday! True to form, we went to downtown Columbus to Schmidt’s. He goes there every week to meet with friends, so he’s incredibly well known there.

We spent most of the time chatting with the family members I rarely see, and finally got to meet my cousin’s latest daughter (the sixth great-grandchild to Grandpa Bob, all of them girls). My roommate came with, though he spent the entire time on his Steamdeck. Guess I can’t really blame him; he barely knows the family beyond my parents and grandpa. The food was good, the mini cream puffs even better. All in all, time well spent.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Bob!