July 8, 2024

It’s been a rough time for the family lately. Not long after my last update, my grandpa, Bob, went into the hospital. Of course we were concerned for him, but he’s been to the hospital several times in the past few years, so everyone assumed he’d bounce back. After two weeks though, we noticed that, while sometimes he seemed to get better, he would decline again.

On June 27, we finally laid Grandpa Bob to rest beside my grandmother, who had died back in the mid-90s. He was my last grandparent, and at 98, he’d lived a full life. One of the few WWII veterans still left, he was afforded full honors during the ceremony.

Now my dad and I are spending more time together. After all, there was now a rather large void left in his life. My parents had invited Grandpa to live with them years ago, and my dad and his dad had done a lot together. So now, every Saturday, we have dinner together and watch “Svengoolie” together.

After everything, we’re now getting back into a routine again. It’s been rough, but life carries on. I’ve been working on my “Daedra Named Desire” fan-fic again, and will hopefully have new chapters to post soon. That is, if I can drag myself away from House Flipper 2! Apparently this game really has a hold on me; I haven’t even touched the latest expansion from FFXIV! I’m also still working on getting all my old artwork reposted to my site. And I’m gearing up to go to Otakon at the end of the month. So lots of updates coming in the near future.

Until then, please enjoy these pictures from our Hawaiin Shirt tribute to Grandpa.

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