May 6, 2024

I know there’s been a silence of update posts, but I have been working behind the scenes. I ran into some problems uploading my older artwork; apparently 2019 was when I was swapping computers. As such, my sketches were scattered across various folders and back-ups. Eventually, I had to just go through my Patreon and save all the sketches that I’d uploaded there. Thankfully, after working on it for two weeks straight, I’ve managed to get all of 2019’s artwork uploaded. Here’s hoping this is the last time that I have to go hunting through my far-too-many back-up folders to find all my artwork. At the very least, I am consolidating everything as I find it into one area.

I’ve desperately needed to do a reorganizing of my various computer folders for way too long. After all, I’ve been carrying over data and back-ups since almost 2003! Over 20 years worth of disorganization! Perhaps once I get everything uploaded to here I’ll focus on getting my computer folders back under control.

In the mean time, I’ve uploaded all artwork from 2019 through 2017. I’ll see you all in the coming weeks with even more archived artwork, until its all uploaded! At which point, I think the website will be fully functional and updated, and I can focus on building new things rather than preserving the old. Until then!

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