March 11, 2024

Crimmeny, been a minute. February, as per usual, was my nightmare month. For being the shortest month, it gets jam packed with events in my professional life. Now that things have calmed down, I was able to set aside some time to work on the website again.

Chapters 11 – 15 of Maq#041 have now been uploaded. Going back through them, I could tell when I was working through a number of mental issues. I can laugh now, but back then I was so upset about memories from my high school days resurfacing. Working on that comic really helped me out. I also noticed my artwork really improved during those chapters.

A few other minor fixes were done here and there, though most of the work I did today was organizing the filing system WordPress uses, so there’s not as much noticeable. However, it helped me out a bunch, and now updates will be smoother and easier going forward.

Until next time!

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