November 11, 2022

Thank you so much for sticking with me through the long silence. I lost my password for WordPress, and apparently it was sending the recovery email into the abyss, because none of the e-mails that I have been using for almost 20+ years received anything. I believe it’s all been fixed, and I once again have access (hint: if this ever happens to you, go through your C-Panel and find the WordPress Toolkit).

Now that I have control again, expect more updates. Due to the collapse of Twitter and me deciding to finally leave Deviant Art, I’m going to focus on posting all of my old artwork here, along with my now defunct comic. I’ve also updated many of my writing projects with new content, so if you’re not following me on Ao3, you’ll find links to my work here.

There’s not much new right now, but keep checking back! I’ll be updating more frequently now!

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