Along with my artwork, I’ve been an avid writer since I was a little kid. I loved creating my own little worlds and populating them with colorful characters. From my own personal works to fan fiction, I’ve written a lot over the years, and am now working diligently on getting my first series edited for publishing. While the entire work is kept under wraps, I’ve posted a few chapters here to gauge interest. I’ve also got an Ao3 account, where I update fairly regularly.

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Personal Projects

Space Marine (title subject to change) – Marilyn Stone is a young nurse turned heavy-hitting fighter after humanity sees over half it’s population die off; first to a strange pandemic, then to an alien invasion. With the aid of the E.A.R.T.H Recovery Squad she now serves and their new Ulmakian Student Hunter, she scours the eastern US for any signs of the husband she’s lost and for a way to bring everyone back home safely. However, when entering the wider world of Galactic Politics, nothing ever seems to go the way it’s planned.

Lost Legends – Nadia is the type of high school girl who would rather get lost in a book more than anything else. Under a lot of emotional stress with helping her mother plan her wedding as well as dealing with the knowledge that her older brother was leaving for college, Nadia begins to suffer from reoccurring dreams that seem so real. Before she can figure things out, the dream world becomes her reality, and now whenever she falls asleep in her normal world, she travels to a world of magic, elves, and a battle between mortals and an ancient evil. While it might make for a good book later, the longer Nadia spends traveling back and forth between two wildly different lives, the harder it is for her to tell which one is real.

I Love Luci – After living a very boring life, Iris somehow defeats the Devil in fair combat. Now, she’s stuck with him as an unwanted roommate and no way to be rid of him. Heaven already kicked him out and Hell doesn’t want him back. To make matters worse, Lucifer has incurred a large amount of medical debt due to the injuries he claims she caused. Unable to shake off her responsibilities, Iris now has to help the Devil get a job and teach him how to blend in with human society while keeping her own self employed and sane. What’s a broke human supposed to do?

Fan Fiction

Skyrim | Mass Effect | Dragon Age: Origins

A Daedra Named Desire (Skyrim) – Ongoing. The Daedric Prince Sanguine, whose sphere was hedonistic revelry, debauchery, and passionate indulgences of darker natures, was currently suffering from the worst hangover in his entire existence. Vague memories of a deal gone wrong are all that he can recall of the last few weeks. To make matters worse, he found himself stuck wandering around with a virtuous, vindictive vixen and a young Vigilant of Stendarr as his only clues to what he’d done on what was clearly his most epic bender to date.

Now, if only he could remember it.

Faith and Hope (Mass Effect) – Ongoing. Faith Shepard had always been the goofier and more laid back of the Shepard twins. So when Saren Arterius shows up, seemingly from nowhere, ostensibly to train the young Ensign, nobody knows just what to expect.

Alphabet Fiction (Mass Effect) – Ongoing. A collection of various little drabbles, one for each letter of the alphabet. All featuring Saren Arterius and/or Faith Shepard in some manner.

Valentine Blues (Mass Effect) – Completed one-shot. Poor Faith Shepard can’t seem to catch a break on this, the most ‘romantic’ of holidays.

A New Beginning – The First Day (Mass Effect) – Completed one-shot. The war is over, and civilization is rebuilding. Saren Arterius wants to build a safe haven for Biotic youngsters. But is he ready?

An Unlikely Friendship (Mass Effect) – Completed one-shot. What if we’d had a chance to recruit Saren on Virmire instead of what happened? How would things have changed? Focuses primarily on Saren and Anderson’s rivalry/friendship. Written for Spectre Requisitions.

Secret Weapon (Mass Effect) – Completed one-shot. Faith Shepard has been studying under the ever-critical eye of the galaxy’s top Spectre for several months. After discovering a certain fragrance that tends to drive male Turians wild, Faith manages to improvise a weapon that makes even the hardened Saren Arterius slightly nervous.

Light at the End (Dragon Age: Origins) – Completed one-shot. Alistair reminisces as he walks to his Calling.

The Book of Forbidden Knowledge (Dragon Age: Origins) – Completed one-shot. Loosely based on a movie many might recognize, young Arielle Amell comes across a forbidden tome within the Circle tower.

Rainy Night (Dragon Age: Origins) – Completed one-shot. Zevran finds himself inside the tent of Terra Cousland after a sudden downpour catches them both unprepared. NSFW.

Standard Sizes Not Allowed (Dragon Age: Origins) – Completed one-shot. The large framed Terra Cousland has a bit of trouble fitting her body into most armors found on the road, since they’re all made to fit a ‘standard size’ that she is not.

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